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Ruben's Ruckus 2019

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Our second annual Ruben's Ruckus was an incredible success thanks to all of our participants, pledgers, donors, volunteers and Community Partners!

With 417 kids racing through obstacles around Lafarge Lake and Coquitlam Town Centre and hundreds of families celebrating in the finishers festival plaza, there was an electric buzz in the air! The buzz was also amplified with live music performed by the kids' rock band Hickelstock. 

We are proud of all of the children who came out and overcame some fears to push through challenges all in an effort to help other kids just like them get an education. 

A big component of Ruben's Ruckus is the fundraising pledges that the Ruckus Racers raise in support of their race. Together they were able to raise $11,165.80, 100% of which will go directly towards the building of our new secondary school in the Dominican Republic.

It was an honour to have Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart join us to present the award to the top 3 pledge fundraisers along with our winners for community spirit and sportsmanship. 

Taylor Morse = $1,118.35 Emily McLellan = $965.51 Madison McLellan = $965.17

We would also like to recognize the rest of the top 10 pledge fundraisers: Bastian Parkinson $831.56 Sebastian Stepnoski $805.71 Aniyah Gill $758.93 Jacob Abe $619.27 Oban McIntyre $488.60 Mercedes Hornal $410.44 Brixton McIntyre $357.72

We are so grateful for your support in helping our mission to end global poverty through Education. It makes us so happy to see kids helping kids. To view the full gallery on facebook, click here.

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A big, big thank you to our volunteer photographer Steve Hayek for snapping the pics!!

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