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Ruben's Shoes Society

Charitable Number: 817268535  RR0001

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  • How do I sponsor a child?
    To join our Education Sponsorship Program please email our founder Kelly, and she will happily provide you with all of the details!
  • What can my school do to help?
    We would love to have your support with a fundraising initiative! We have created many templates to help support you in your efforts and campaign. Please get in touch with our Director of Fundraising, Desiree Dupuis, and she will help you plan something fun and rewarding!
  • What countries do you work in?
    At the moment we primarily work in the Dominican Republic. Since our story was inspired by a boy named Ruben who is from the Dominican, we are currently operating an elementary school in the DR and building a secondary school down the road. We look forward to being able to build schools and work with trusted partners around the world.
  • Where is the school you are building?
    The Secondary School we are building is down the road from our Elementary School, Centro Educativo Toribio, located in the San Marcos area of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
  • Are you still in touch with Ruben?
    Yes! Our founder Kelly sees Ruben at least 1-2 per year and he is growing into a very handsome and kind young man. We are looking forward to supporting his post secondary education and will keep you posted on updates with that!
  • How do I get a Tax Receipt?
    All direct donations over $25 will receive a Tax-Receipt As per CRA, Tax-Receipts are not provided where there is a received benefit from the donation (for example ticket to an event, event sponsorship, etc). The Tax Receipts will be provided to you in December, should you require it earlier, please let us know.
  • Where can I drop off my shoes?
    After shipping 7 containers of over 80,000 pairs of shoes, we are excited to announce that we will be focusing solely on our projects that deliver Education directly and NO LONGER COLLECTING SHOES! ​ We've realized that we are able to make a much bigger impact through the schools we are building and our proprietary Education Sponsorship Program from which we have seen a 20% improvement in our student's literacy in addition to the intangible growth in personal development, confidence and leadership skills. We truly are empowering the next generation of leaders to create permanent, long-lasting change.
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