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We are currently providing funding for the operations of Centro Educativo Toribio an elementary school in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic which has been ranked by the Ministry of Education as the #1 school in the country!

What started as a small school with four classrooms and 24 children, founded by Aris Toribio, has now grown to 3-Storeys with 12 classrooms, a kitchen and over 300 students! We recently completed the third floor cafeteria, take a look at the progress!


We were inspired by a little girl named Dacheline to create an Education Sponsorship program which provides the funds to pay for our students to attend school. Read more about Dacheline's story.


For $50 CAD/month, you can sponsor a child's education. Your monthly contribution goes directly towards keeping your sponsor child in school. The funds are used to pay for our teachers, our director, along with the overall operations of the school and anything required to support the health and development of your sponsor student. 

Tour of our Elementary School!
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Tour of our Elementary School!