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 ways to give 

We have 3 TIERS of GIVING and would love to have you join us!

For the past 10 years we've been providing funding for the Elementary and Secondary School we've built in partnership with Centro Educativo Toribio. In November 2023, our schools received a Silver Medal at the first annual Best Schools in the DR awards ceremony.

With over 600 students at our schools, we have many areas of need that contribute to the health and well-being of our students in order to provide them with the greatest capacity for learning. We'd love to have you join us as we deliver the best quality of Education to deserving children in the Dominican Republic.


Please take a look at our options for giving; 
$75/month, $50/month or $35/month and let us know which one is calling in your heart.

daily operations

For $75/month you can support the daily operations of our schools. Your monthly donation will go towards everything needed to keep both of our schools operating 5 days a week delivering the highest quality of education to over 630 students. 

Your monthly donation will go directly towards covering the cost of employment for some of our staff members including admin staff, janitorial staff and security guards. Other expenses include Medical Insurance, Electricity, Phone, Internet, Water, Office Supplies & Equipment, First Aid, Cleaning Supplies and ongoing Maintenance.

education sponsorship

community reading program

For $50/month the choice is yours if you want to support our community reading program or be matched with one of our students to directly support their education. 

The majority of our students did not have adequate reading and writing skills when they arrive into our schools; some coming from high school and not being able to read or write. When you are matched directly with one of our students a portion of your monthly donation goes to help support your student with one on one tutoring along with everything they need to be in school; covering the cost of their tuition, uniform, school supplies, along with transportation when required.

For the Community Reading program, we've initiated a weekly reading circle for our students and are extending this to other children in the community. Your monthly donation will help to support the development of reading and writing skills not only for our students but to other children in the community.

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food programs

technology development

counselling, psychology and mental health support

The choice is yours if you'd like to support our Food Programs, Technology Development, or Private Counselling, Psychological and Mental Health support services.

Many of our students have learning disabilities, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, along with psychological and behavioural problems. With your funding, we're able to help our students with private psychological and medical support.

By supporting our Food programs you are helping to ensure our students receive more than a hot lunch, you'll be giving them special pizza days, and providing breakfast and snacks to our students who come to school hungry and without food. 

In terms of Technology Development, your monthly donation will go towards the purchase of laptops and tablets for our students and staff. 

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