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Noni's kitchen

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
 - Benjamin Franklin

We built Noni's Kitchen as a legacy project to honour the passing of our friend Michael Bublé's Grandmother, Yolanda Santaga.

Noni's Kitchen  provides at least one meal per day for 200 students at our school in the Dominican Republic, Centro Educativo Toribio.

All of the funds that were given in lieu of flowers went towards building Noni's Kitchen, outfitting it with appliances such as a fridge and a stove, and providing support for ongoing maintenance such as power, running water, groceries, utensils and other utilities. Donations that continue to come in go directly towards maintaining the operations of Noni's Kitchen and feeding our students.

As much as Noni will be missed, her love of cooking and passion for giving will live on forever!

With the passing of Noni's Husband Midge in 2018, we will be able to honour his legacy as well and have raised funds to build a second Noni's Kitchen which will be built in our new Secondary School and feed another 200 students every school day.


Noni's Kitchen
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Noni's Kitchen

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