4th container

In 2016, after the success of shipping and distributing three containers with over 36,000 pairs of shoes overseas we shipped our 4th container with 13,846 pairs of gently-used shoes to Guinea, Africa! 

The shoes have all been distributed by our partners MindLeaps in Guinea, many have been given to the following list of orphanages:

  • L'orphelinat Fodes

  • L'orphelinat Casog

  • L'orphelinat Feldef

  • L'orphelinat Jeunne Compassion

  • L'orphelinat Source de vie

  • L'orphelinat pupille de la nation

  • L'orphelinat la voix des sans voix 

  • L'orphelinat Dimakanet 

  • L'orphelinat Bon samaritin 

  • L'orphelinat AED Centre d'aide aux enfants

  • Cité de solidarité

  • Les enfant de la cité et leur famille

  • L'orphelinat Kiridia

Shoe Sorting with our Founder Kelly
Ruben's Shoes

Shoe Sorting with our Founder Kelly