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One of our mandates is to work with our local children teaching them about the differences in life around the world and the importance of giving back. The thing that astonishes us and makes us so proud is when they take it upon themselves to create fundraising initiatives. 


Meet the champions that have done so much to help our cause!
Calliope. Rubens Shoes. Charity. Port Co

Ever since Calliope found out about Ruben's Shoes Society through her participation in SOLE GIRLS she has raised over 1000 pairs of shoes through her annual Lemonade Stand! 

3 years ago, Calliope  was nervous, and shy., and had no desire to continue to participate in SOLE GIRLS or be a part of it until she learnt about our cause and it lit a spark inside of her!

This year she is hosting her 5th annual lemonade stand and is hoping to reach an even bigger goal!

Dave Masson. Ruben's Shoes. Charity. Lan

For the past 3 years, Dave has raised over $20,000 through his hockey fundraiser Ruben's Classic!

Dave has made it his goal to raise $10,000 every year to help support our efforts of delivering education to children in need.


Dave has such a giant heart and we are so grateful for him and all of his efforts!

Kaden. ruben's Shoes. Charity. Port Mood

At 6 years old, Kaden started out as a super volunteer helping us sort and pack shoes in our warehouse.


He stepped up his involvement on his 7th birthday when he decided to forgo presents and in-lieu of gifts he asked his friends to donate cash and shoes for Ruben's Shoes. The following year, Kaden did the same thing again and unselfishly used his 8th, 9th and 10th birthdays to raise shoes and funds for us as well.


It doesn't stop there, Kaden also enjoys making rainbow loom bracelets and decided to make bracelets and sell them in order to give all of the proceeds to Ruben's Shoes!

We are extremely proud of Kaden and touched by all that he does for our cause. Way to go buddy!

Jack. Ruben's Shoes. Charity. Coquitlam.

When Jack first heard about Ruben's Shoes he spearheaded a shoe drive campaign which raised 720 pairs of shoes for us!

He then went on to raise $990 through the MVP  (Mitzvah of Valuing Philanthropy) program at his school! Jack is such an inspiration, we are so grateful for all of his efforts.

Chelsea. Ruben Shoes. Charity. Port Mood

When Chelsea's school launched a CHANGE-MAKER program, Chelsea decided to put her efforts towards Ruben's Shoes.


She single-handedly collected over 300 pairs of shoes and then spent time in our warehouse sorting them!


We are so proud of Chelsea, she is definitely a Change-Maker!

Anthony. Ruben's Shoes. Charity. Port Mo
Anthony & Sam

For the past 6 years Anthony and Samantha have raised close to $40,000 through their Cross-Fit fundraiser, Ruben's Throwdown!

Every year, over 65 athletes have come out to compete in the exhilarating Cross-Fit event at Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning which has been absolutely remarkable.


This event has made such a huge impact in the Cross-Fit community as well as our local community. We are beyond grateful for their hard-work and continuous support!

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