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sierra leone

3rd container

In 2015, after the success of shipping and distributing two containers with over 24,000 pairs of shoes to the Dominican Republic we shipped our 3rd container with 10,284 pairs of gently-used shoes to Sierra Leone!

With the epidemic of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, we were made aware of a significant need for shoes in Sierra Leone. We were happy to partner with Stephen Fomba and the Tzu Chi Foundation to deliver and distribute the shoes to children and adults who needed them most.

The following schools and orphanages were included among our distribution:

St. Edward's Primary SchoolFourth Street, Freetown
Rural Education Committee SchoolRegent, Freetown
Tower Hill Primary SchoolTower Hill, Freetown
Akibo Betts Municipal SchoolTower Hill, Freetown
Newton OrphanageNewton, Western Rural
St. George's OrphanageGrafton, Western Urban
Allen Town OrphanageAllen Town, Western Urban
River No. 2 OrphanageRiver No. 2, Western Rural
River No. 2 CommunityRiver No. 2, Western Rural
Tabernacle Primary SchoolFreetown, Western Urban
Cathedral Primary SchoolFreetown, Western Urban
Wallace Johnson Primary SchoolFreetown, Western Urban
House of HopeRugbere Village, Western Rural
Kissi Bendu Chiefdoms schools & villagesKoindu, Kailahun District
Nasir Islamic Primary SchoolKissy, Freetown

An update on our shoe distribution in Sierra Leone
Ruben's Shoes Society

An update on our shoe distribution in Sierra Leone

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