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Our mission is to educate and empower the next generation of leaders. 

We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and creating change, with your help we can change the future for thousands of children, their families, their communities and ultimately their Nations. Your donations go along way for our elementary and high school students. 

100% of your donations go directly towards our projects. Ruben's Shoes Society is a Registered Canadian Charity.

All donations greater than $25 will receive a Tax Receipt.

Charitable Number: 817268535 RR0001




By buying a desk for a classroom, you are giving the gift of education, a gift that will continue to give. You are giving a student a place to read, write, explore and dream. You supply the desks, we'll continue to supply the love of learning!

thank you to all of our generous desk donors

Robbie Horvath - 1 desk

Diane and Jurgon Borovica - 3 desks

Caree Bray - 2 desks

Jennifer Olley - 1 desk

Joanne Griffiths - 1 desk

Iris Popovski - 2 desks

Tiffany Francis - 1 desk

Beatriz Clarke - 5 desks

Chelsea Vickers - 1 desk

Sheryl Strongitharm - 14 desks

Lorraine Layng - 1 desk

Jessica Owen - 3 desks

Brent Ranger - 2 desks

Renee Tonks - 1 desk

Brenda Huber - 2 desks

Shawn Kenmuir - 1 desk

Amy Beeman - 2 desks

Christian Martin - 55 desks

Brent Ranger - 2 desks

Linda Buchanan - 1 desk

Kristy and Dave Masson - 4 desks

Pacific Valley Siding - 9 desks

Laura Warren - 4 desks

Loni Olson - 1 desk

Manjit Dhaliwal - 8 desks

Joni Martinson - 2 desk

Judith Addie - 2 desks

Erin Lemon - 4 desks

Julie Cook - 3 desks

Michael Shih - 6 desks

Carol Graham - 1 desk

Pat Lake - 1 desk

Amelia Hara - 1 desk

Damian Proulx - 2 desks

Alison Cowie - 2 desks

Chelsea Grills - 1 desk

Patricia Louie - 1 desk

Holly Lake - 1 desk

Tina Day - 1 desk

Cora Fay - 1 desk

Rosie Zarif - 1 desk

Emily Hokanson - 2 desks

Grant Vickers - 1 desk

Jesse Johnstone - 1 desk

Douglas Horne - 1 desk

Maegan Mak - 1 desk

Rahuldev Gandhi - 1 desk

Daniel Ryu - 1 desk

Robert Horvath - 2 desks

Paula Schick - 1 desk

Carol Graham - 1 desk

Renalyn Morales - 1 desk

Bruce Strongitharm - 3 desks

Sandy Redburn - 1 desk

Christine Hay - 1 desk

Bonnie Ledger - 1 desk

Teri Conrad - 1 desk

Adam Bornn - 10 desks

Mark Sloat - 1 desk

Mitch Clancey - 2 desks

Sharon Dupuis - 1 desk

Amrit Dhaliwal - 1 desk





Reading encourages a love of learning and that’s why we are trying to fill up our libraries! We want to give our students the opportunity to experience places, cultures, history, arts and science all within the walls of our schools. Your $20 donation will be put towards new books for our libraries. 


School Kids



Your $40 donation will make sure a student is ready for school! They will receive everything they need for class: a backpack, notebooks, pencils, erasers, crayons, rulers, scissors and more. 


Biology Class



For $85 you can purchase a microscope for our science lab. With this one piece of equipment, you will help our students see the smaller workings of our world, which will in turn open their eyes to a much bigger world, with infinite possibilities.




Classrooms get hot in the Dominican! Fans help circulate the air to keep our students cool and comfortable while they’re learning. Your $100 donation will purchase a fan for one of our classrooms.


Computer Class



Our dream is to have a computer lab filled with technology for our students! For $300 you can purchase a laptop for our computer lab and enhance the scientific and technological capacity of our students. Access to computers also encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. 

endowment fund


create an endowment fund

An endowment fund provides annual revenue to keep Ruben's Shoes Society running indefinitely. As the fund grows, interest earned off the capital investment grows as well and provides re-occurring annual revenue without depleting the capital investment.  

If you have a significant amount to donate for your year-end Charitable Giving, you can create a legacy that gives in perpetuity, year after year, year after year. 

A portion of the endowment fund will be used to directly support our operations, while a portion is used to directly fund projects. 

If this is of interest, we would love to hear from you.