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meaningful christmas shopping ideas

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Struggling to find a meaningful gift for that person who is impossible to shop for; has everything and doesn't like anything?!

Why not purchase an item for our Secondary School and contribute the gift of Education in honour of your loved one.⁠ We have a few different items for purchase to help towards the build of our Secondary School and would be thrilled to customize a card for you :) ⁠ GIVE a Desk for $50⁠ GIVE a Window for $65⁠ GIVE a Fan for $100⁠ GIVE a Door for $200⁠ or GIVE a general donation in the amount of your choice!⁠ All items receive a full 100% tax-receipt.⁠

By contributing towards the build of our Secondary School you can give a unique and meaningful gift and not have to deal with traffic and the chaos of the mall. ⁠

Impactful, meaningful, sustainable and environmentally friendly - no plastic 😉 Send us a note on the CONTACT US page (located under the DONATE heading) to customize a card and give the gift of EDUCATION⁠ 💙

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