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Our School Ranked #1 in the Dominican

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

PORT MOODY, BC:  A Canadian funded school in the Dominican Republic has been ranked as the top school across the country in Math and Spanish!

Ruben’s Shoes Society is a Port Moody based Canadian Registered Charity that delivers education to the millions of children around the world living without it. Ruben’s Shoes Society funds the operations of schools through its Education Sponsorship program whereby Canadian families can sponsor a child for $50/month. The sponsorship funds are used to ensure their sponsor student has everything they need to attend school. The funds cover everything from their uniform, shoes and school supplies to other required items such as transportation in addition to psychological support and medical attention when needed. The funds are also used to pay for the operations of the school which currently has 16 teachers and staff employed in the Dominican Republic.

The report published by the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Education shares results that were established from a national evaluation of the quality of education provided at each school across the country.  Ruben’s Shoes Society school, Centro Educativo Toribio, in the Dominican Republic, ranked number 1 in the standardized testing for Math and for Spanish.

“We are so incredibly proud of our students, we know our program is working and it is remarkable to get concrete statistical data from the Dominican Government proving that our school is the best in the country” – remarks founder, Kelly Strongitharm.

Centro Educativo Toribio is a private school in the Dominican Republic that Ruben’s Shoes Society has been fully funding since 2015. With the support of Ruben’s Shoes Society, the school has grown from 24 students to over 200 students. Ruben’s Shoes Society has built a second floor with an additional 10 classrooms and also built Noni’s Kitchen as a legacy project for Michael Bublé’s grandmother, Noni. Noni’s Kitchen provides a hot meal to the students every day.

“This report also supports what I have always believed - that all children deserve equal opportunity and the right to an Education, no matter where they were born or live. We work with some of the most vulnerable children in the world who come from unimaginable situations and to see them excel in school proves that all they need is to be given an opportunity and they will indeed change the course of their lives” – Kelly Strongitharm, founder Ruben’s Shoes Society.

Find out more about Ruben's Shoes Education Sponsorship Program HERE

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