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return to joy!

We are so beyond thrilled, over the moon really, to FINALLY announce (after 1.5 years) that our students in the Dominican Republic have returned to in person learning! The school year kicked off on September 20th and the return is being called Return to Joy. :) The joy of being at school again, the joy of seeing classmates and teachers, the joy of being in the classroom, the joy of learning, the joy of routine, the joy of normalcy. The joy of going to school!

For the first time since the pandemic started, all of our students (337 primary students and 253 high school students) have returned to school. The teachers are beyond thrilled and we can’t stop smiling as we write this update, especially as we look at the images of the secondary students inside the brand new secondary school that we were able to complete because of your support! We are forever grateful. 💙

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