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Secondary School Update

We are over 70% complete and to date we have sent $245,000 to the Dominican Republic all of which has been used to hire local contractors and purchase local materials making a direct positive impact on their local economy.

We are so close to being complete and pushing hard to raise the final $95,000 to complete the project and open for this August 2020!!

Please get in touch if you are interested in being a part of a legacy project, providing quality education and creating long lasting permanent change.

This Secondary School is for all of our incredible Elementary School students who we have been a part of our program for the past 6 years and are growing up quickly and aging out of our Elementary School.

We know our program is working; in 2018 our Elementary School was ranked as the #1 top school in the country by the Dominican Ministry of Education. Our new Secondary School is located just 5 lots down the road so we will be able to keep all of our students throughout the duration of their school years and through the most vulnerable period in their lives.

We are so proud of our students and cannot wait to see them continue to thrive and change the future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Please join us!! Contact for more information! Give Education 💙

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