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Meet Dacheline and Maria. ⁠ These two girls are the reason we do what we do. ⁠

They have been with us since we first partnered with Centro Educativo Toribio and started our Education Sponsorship Program.

In fact, Dacheline is the reason we started our program in the first place and was the first student enrolled in our program. When we found out that she had lost both of her parents and was about to be pulled from school because the cost of the moto-taxi was too much for her Aunt to afford we knew there was a family in Canada (Coquitlam to be exact) that would cover this cost without hesitation. That family, the Borovicas, were in the Dominican last week and have created a special bond with Dacheline! Imagine the difference staying in school has made on Dacheline's life?⁠ ⁠Watching them grow up over the past 5 years has been remarkable. They are very different but both equally powerful. Dacheline is quiet and shy; soft-spoken and extremely caring and sweet. Maria is loud and proud; her confidence is beaming and she is equally as sweet and a complete sweetheart. They both have BIG DREAMS. ⁠ Maria is the one on the left, she is full of confidence and sass, her English is tremendous and she is smart as a whip. Her dream is to become the first female President of her country, the Dominican Republic. She tells this to our Founder Kelly regularly and with so much conviction in her eyes we have every reason to believe that she will make it happen. ⁠

Dacheline is the one on the right and is very smart and is always helping her fellow classmates. She has a quiet confidence, soft-spoken, shy and extremely caring and sweet. Her dream for the world is to take care of the environment and to spread love and happiness. Her dream is to be a Doctor AND a veterinarian so that she can help take care of people and animals. ⁠

Our only job is to continue to support them, encourage them, and keep then empowered. Our job is to continue to nurture their unique personalities and strengths so they can be all that they want to be. Their dreams are our dreams. ⁠ They are going to make a big impact on the world; mark our words!!⁠ Give Education 💙

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