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Father’s Day & Teacher Year End Gifts!​

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Father’s Day is in one week! Do you have anything for your dad yet? And school is almost out for the summer. Have you gotten anything for your favourite teacher? Have no fear- Ruben’s Shoes Society to the rescue!

Did you know you can donate books to our elementary and high school libraries in your dad’s or your teacher’s name? We want to give our students the opportunity to experience places, cultures, history, arts and science all within the walls of our schools. Your $20 donation in your dad’s or teacher’s name will be put towards new books for our libraries. What an incredible gift!

(Or you could also buy a school supply kit, a microscope, a fan or a laptop in your dad’s or teacher’s name!) 💙 Click here and scroll down to see all your options!

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